Object Tag HTML CSS Learning

<Object> Element Tag HTML CSS Learning

The <object> tag defines a container for an external resource to internal page.


The <object> tag was originally designed to embed browser Plug-ins.

Plug-ins are computer programs that extend the standard functionality of the browser.

Plug-ins have been used for many different purposes:

  • Run Java applets
  • Run ActiveX controls
  • Display Flash movies
  • Display maps
  • Scan for viruses
  • Verify a bank id

An embedded <object> video:


<object data="video.mp4" width="450" height="320"></object>

An embedded HTML page using <object> :


<object data="snippet.html" width="450" height="300"></object>

An embedded image by using <object> tag:


<object data="picture.jpg" width="350" height="250"></object>

Object HTML tag for Youtube Video

You can embed youtube video in html without iframe tag. You can use HTML object tag to embed multimedia (like audio, video, Java applets, ActiveX, PDF, and Flash) in your web pages.


<object data="https://www.youtube.com/embed/MW9aHpq829M"
width="560" height="315"></object>

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